October 10, 2023

Community Management Myth #7: Personal Ties Don’t Matter

By David D.

This is part of a blog series on 10 Myths About Community Management, please see the main article for more details.

A common misperception frames community management strictly as an operational role where personal connection and caring for individuals holds little significance. Yet the heart of community emerges directly from investing oneself authentically in strengthening real bonds between fellow souls. Transactional approaches overlook our intrinsic need for fellowship as whole beings.

Surface views dismiss personal investment as unprofessional – yet wise management understands their foremost duty lies in empowering shared fellowship without pretense through compassion. Digitally, anonymity risks detachment yet individual dignity comes alive through sincerely walking alongside others’ adventures with empathy.

Impactful spaces thrive anchored by leaders transparently championing members holistically – celebrating milestones , consoling crises candidly yet tactfully, exchanging perspective through humor amid complexity. Casual glimpses into their fullness cultivates care. Guidance stems sincerely advocating others reach potential, not reactionary demands alone.

Fellowship inspires collaboration only as members feel respected, seen exercising unique gifts alongside shared hopes freely. This awakens participation sustaining communities lifetimes – not policies, perks or fleeting fads. Management involves Investment understanding each impact lives meaningfully; progress happens through faith people uplift souls however tangible outwardly.

Burnout risks stem managers often shoulder emotional weight anonymously. Yet wellness lies within believing each contribution however minor amplifies goodwill – as such oversight continuously learns from critique graciously. No oversight alone suffices; only compassionately accompanying journeys wherever they lead cultivates understanding and motivates civic duty lifetimes.

Togetherness uplifts in proportion leadership authentically believes in members’ shared capacity for fellowship over temporary frictions. Heartfelt care sparks DIY progress addressing what uplifts communities holistically – not reactionary directives detaching managers perceptibly. Progress emerges eternally as related souls unite conviction our inherent worth exceeds outward differences alone.

Community emerges through empathetic partnership – not designating people usernames anonymously. Wise leaders reframe preconceptions valuing movement and humanity equally through walking alongside varied sojourners freely. Professionalism stems sincerely prioritizing others’ growth; humanity brightens as understanding outweighs frictions outwardly through compassion.

David D.
David D.

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