December 2, 2022

The Ultimate List of Newsletters for Community Professionals

By David D.

Updated: June. 11, 2024

I’ve put together a nice long list of Newsletters for Community Professionals but I can’t take full credit for this list. Jenny Weigle passed a lot of it to me, but it’s built off of a list created by Valentina Ruffoni. I’ve added a few, but I know there must be more out there, please let me know in the comments below.

Adrian Speyer’s The Accidental Community Professional newsletter bring his decades long experience right to your inbox.

Rosie Sherry’s Rosieland where you can get a very Rosie perspective on community building. And Continuous Community where she shares daily community tips and writing a guide around Continuous Community.

Amarachi Johnson’s Communitips Sharing tips on Community Management and Advocacy.

Evan Hamilton’s Community Professional Breakfast a healthy serving of articles on community-building, delivered to your inbox fresh every Monday morning pacific time. 3 fantastic articles, carefully curated, nothing more.

Jenny Weigle’s All-Things-Community Subscribe to get a FREE template for creating your own Strategy Plan for your community. This audience will be THE FIRST to hear any major announcements or receive content, such as: insightful articles, free templates, juicy Strategy tips and more.

Everything in Moderation A weekly newsletter about content moderation and the policies, products, platforms and people shaping its future

Community Club Weekly Get the best in community content. Revisit some of our best issues

CMX Weekly Join over 12,000 readers who get the top community strategy resources in their inbox every week.

TheCR News A monthly newsletter for online community management professionals.

FeverBee The latest insights on community strategy, technology, and value by FeverBee

Richard Millington – Indispensable Consulting A guide to building a successful community practice. Get modern, practical, advice which actually works. There are no quick shortcuts here. Just focused effort combined with strategic knowledge.

The Observatory from Orbit. A weekly newsletter packed with tactics, trends, and observations from the world of community.

Uncommunity Get smarter about building communities. We put together 100s of resources that will help you build and grow communities. From books, tools to podcasts that you can listen to make better decisions for your community. And the list will grow. We know it.

FML Studios Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about community building and how community can be a strategic impact for your business.

The Slack Community Professional’s Newsletter Stay in the loop on the latest tools and strategies for managing Slack communities.

Led by Community The newsletter for Community Pros. Get events, the best articles of the week, new job opportunities, podcasts, courses and more!

The Guild newsletter It’s fortnightly (every two weeks) and contains community strategy and management resources from our blog, events, case studies and interviews with community professionals and business leaders who bring community ideals in to their businesses. Sign-up is on the Guild home page.

Connection Engine from Emilie Kormienko, “I launched Connection Engine because I wanted to discuss my experience with community building in a digital world and also reflect on the tough, but super rewarding, job of community design.”

The Salty Avocado  from Jamie Langskov. Described as “Things your Community Professional wishes you knew.” She is a community strategist and that specializes in product-led growth for tech companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to early-stage startup. Most of her work has been with developer communities and she enjoys building full lifecycle experiences to support developers as they learn and grow their skills and their careers.

Community Inc. A newsletter by Gareth Wilson. Discover community-led strategies used by the fastest-growing companies and why they work—backed by deep dives into real product communities, every Thursday.

Community Hub a newsletter about community building, relationships, communication… and above all, creating meaningful connection from Marta Brzosko.

The bpd beat – A weekly newsletter for Creators + Founders that helps you build community-driven digital products in less than 10 mins per week.

Spinning Up from Billy Lim. Demystifying and adding to the body of knowledge about the community management profession. I also think about collaborative innovation frameworks, design thinking and product management as applied to community architecture, and group facilitation.

Exit to Community Stories & Strategies by Nathan Schneider. Most businesses strive to be acquired or go public, which can create tension between the founding teams and the communities they serve. An Exit to Community (E2C) offers a path for ownership that benefits all stakeholders. This news letter will to help inspire and inform those who want to hand something off to their community.

Everything in Moderation* a weekly newsletter about content moderation and the policies, products, platforms and people shaping its future.

Let’s Talk Communities of Practice by Drew Pontikis who has been working with Communities of Practice in various environments for several years now.

The Builder’s Letter. A weekly article written for founders who want to scale healthy digital communities

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Please let me know if I missed any, I’m happy to add them.

David D.
David D.

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