December 23, 2022

The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Community Professionals

By David D.

Updated Mar. 7, 2024

Most of you don’t know this but I’m somewhat of a podcast junkie. I thought I’d share some of my personal favorites that are related to Community Management.

If I’m missing any, or if there is a great episode you think should be called out… please let me know.

In Before The Lock (RSS)

A podcast from Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger that is in their words: about community, customer experience, and leadership at scale. Their most recent episode covered something I’m current doing in my day-to-day work, “Expanding the number of use cases your community addresses beyond Support.”  Absolutely check out all of the resources they’ve made available on their site.

Community Signal (RSS)

Hosted by a long time friend of mine, Patrick O’Keefe. He’s been in the community industry at least as long as I have. His podcast profiles CMs from around the globe. In the most recent episode he spoke with Tim McDonald who has had a unique vantage point to the mass closure of news media comment sections. Patrick and Tim go in depth on that topic on this episode who was well know for My Community Professional websites and the “Community Hangouts”.  Tim has stage IV colon cancer and is in need of a liver donor and could use your help.  Please visit for more info.

Conversations with Community Professionals (RSS)

The Community Roundtable is one of the leading organizations for all-things-community-management. Their podcast focuses on interviewing one community professional, per show, and getting a better understanding of that person’s role, goals, and day-to-day responsibilities. Each episode is around 20 minutes, which makes for some quick and easy listening. And I want to call out a limited series they are doing called “Lessons from The NEW Community Professional Handbook” (RSS) featuring the 21 community leaders showcased in the Handbook in conversation with Anne Mbugua.

Community Pulse (RSS)

The subject matter here is more on the technical side as compared to other podcasts mentioned here. This podcast is squarely focused on community management and developer relations, but even if that’s not what you do there is an epic ton of great insights to be found. In their most recent episode they say goodbye to longtime co-host Sarah-Jane Morris.

Conversations with Bacon (RSS)

Jono Bacon is a force of nature within the community industry. As his websites says, the podcast “shines a light into the thinking, approaches, and work of a diverse range of guests across business, technology, entertainment, and beyond“. He hasn’t put out a new episode in a while, but the archive has some really great conversations.

The Community Experience Podcast (RSS)

The Community Experience was designed to explore all things community and to help community facilitators design online communities that thrive, whether yours is a niche community based on fandom, or tied to a personal brand or business. Each week, join host Jillian Benbow to learn practical strategies and insights from people on the cutting edge of community building.

The Community Strategy Podcast (RSS)

The Community Strategy Podcast (CSP) offers interviews with online community leaders who share their community-building journey. Our podcast covers community concept, community building, community strategy, community structure, community membership, and community management. We deep dive into the best ways to launch with platform reviews, give our thoughts on cultivating engagement, and the keys to identifying ideal members who will keep coming back and become super supporters.

Community Unlocked: The Podcast (RSS)

This weekly podcast from Jamie Langskov and Laura Holmes explores the relationship and unexpectedly shared language, practices, and rituals between the profession of community building and the rest of our economy and our society.

Ctrl-Alt-Speech (RSS)

Ctrl-Alt-Speech is a weekly news podcast co-created by Techdirt’s Mike Masnick and Everything in Moderation’s Ben Whitelaw. Each episode looks at the latest news in online speech, covering issues regarding trust & safety, content moderation, regulation, court rulings, new services & technology, and more.

Recommendations from our Community

Community Life (RSS)

Yurii Lazaruk talks with community experts about their life journeys, how they came to the community world, and see them as persons, not titles!

The Community-Led Growth Show (RSS)

Joel Primark’s show features rockstar community builders, wicked marketers, and dynamic growth leaders.

Community Dissection (YouTube RSS)

Learn from their mistakes and build on what they did right! Welcome to Community Dissection! This is a video series where your host Bri Leever brings on 1-2 other community professionals to dissect a new online community in each episode.

Community and… (RSS)

This weekly podcast from Chaotic Good Consulting dives into the nitty-gritty of community building, offering expert advice, best practice discussions, and fresh ideas to help you cultivate a thriving environment.  Whether you’re a seasoned community manager or just getting started, tune in for valuable insights from industry leaders that will elevate your community to new heights. Make connections, spark engagement, and create a space where everyone belongs.

Peers Over Beers (RSS)

B2B Community Strategist Chris Detzel is your host for this fun and straight shooting podcast for enterprise community leaders / managers and digital savvy professionals. With easy and natural inquisitive banter, your host will tackle hard issues facing community leaders and managers in their day-to-day struggles, and yes, sometimes over a beer.

Titans of Customer Engagement (RSS)

The Titans of Customer Engagement: A Customer Experience Podcast is exactly that — strategic conversations with your peers and leaders about creating the world’s greatest customer experiences. Join us in learning from our guests!

Building Communities for Startups Podcast (RSS)

Are you looking to launch a community for your next venture? We designed this 10-episode series to help you understand the steps you need to take. In this series, we bring you insights from ten experienced community professionals who build successful communities and share exactly how they did it.

B2B Community Builder Show (RSS)

Nothing decreases the cost of acquisition and lifetime value of clients like a network of great relationships, and the ultimate version of that is a community designed around your clients and prospects. BUT where do you find the playbook that makes that happen? That is why this podcast exists. You’ll learn that community building doesn’t live in a vacuum. It has to coexist with a problem you are trying to solve, a category you are in (or better yet, designing yourself), and the culture you are building inside your organization

David D.
David D.

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