March 1, 2024

Introducing “An Incomplete History of Online Communities” the Podcast

By David D.

Welcome to the introductory episode of “An Incomplete History of Online Communities,” a podcast that delves into the fascinating evolution of online communities and platforms. Hosted by David DeWald, a seasoned community professional with 25 years in the field, this series promises to be an enthralling exploration of digital connectivity.

What’s Inside:

  • Journey Through Time: Each episode will guide listeners through the historical progression of online communities.
  • From Text-Based Roots to Social Media Titans: Discover how early text-based chat rooms evolved into today’s social media behemoths.
  • Stories from Pioneers: Hear anecdotes from early adopters, insights from experts and enthusiasts, and possibly even tales straight from original creators.
  • Technological & Cultural Milestones: Learn about key technological innovations and cultural phenomena birthed within niche forums and widespread networks alike.

Why Listen? If you’re intrigued by:

  • The social dynamics behind our digital interactions
  • The milestones that have shaped modern communication technologies
  • How these platforms influence culture and society

Then this podcast is your gateway to understanding the intricacies behind our interconnected world.

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Join host David DeWald as he brings his passion for community building directly to your ears in what promises to be an insightful account detailing how we all became so digitally intertwined.

David D.
David D.

Building Online Communities since 1998 | Full Stack Community Professional | Host of Community Live